Entry #1

Album Art Request

2009-06-07 08:12:13 by AustinOnline

So I am working on a new album titled "Tempest" and I was wondering if any artists want to take on a small project. I am not going to be picky with whatever I recieve, but before I start planning to much, I just want to see what feedback I can get from my fellow Newgrounds members.

Ok, so here is what I had in mind. The album cover is square of course, no specific dimensions are required, I can work with it no matter what.

-Show the moon in the sky, up in the top left corner.
-Have a black sillouette of a boy in the bottom right corner looking up at the moon.
-Make the grass that he is standing on a black sillouette as well.
-In the bottom left corner put "Austin Shook" in gray letters.
-In the bottom right corner put "Tempest" in red letters.

If someone wants to give this a go, let me know. You will recieve full credit if I use it. I'm not gonna be strict with this at sll, so feel free to use your own artistic creativity. I'm a musical artist, not a graphic artist, I'll leave you all to your artistic ability, so feel free to experiment with whatever. The above list is just what I would like to be in there.

Thank you so much to whoever decides to attempt this.


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2009-07-11 18:59:31

hey...i couldnt add the boy looking up...it didnt fit nicely so i replaced it with trees kinda like the new jack johnson cd, the moon is there with clouds and ur name and the cd name...if u wana check it out i have it...just send me ur email :)


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